Environmental approach

For several years, SMPI Embellissement has a strong environmental approach, to respect ressources, valorise waste and use renewable technologies

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Sustainable development

Our employees are implicated in a serious and heightened awareness of an environmental approach. We specifically select suppliers with a true sustainable approach.

All waste generated is rigorously sorted to be reprocessed in a specialised waste centre for each type of recyclable material.

As such, we have put into place recycling procedures and branches for all generated waste. We provide waste tracking certificates.

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Recycling procedures and branches
What happens to the waste generated by your sites? 

  1. Cardboard, plastic, wood and metal packaging are separated on our premises, put in separate skips and sent to the SEMAVERT processing centre.
    Management of your waste in the strict respect of the environment

  2. Processing of paint waste by the CAPEB branch. For several years, SMPI Embelissement is engaged in a strong environmental approach, to respect ressources, valorise waste and use clean technologies.
    Eco Relais Peinture 2020 certificate

  3. Processing soft floor covering waste through the TARKETT branch. The removed flooring is stored in our warehouse on pallets pending processing. To limit our carbon footprint, we mutualise removal and wait to have sufficient quantity to send a semi-trailer.
     ReStart Program® / Why ReStart®

  4. 5. For general non-recyclable industrial waste (plaster, fibre ceilings, etc) these are processed in a single skip at the SEMAVERT processing centre.
    Processing branches and proceduresValorisation of biogas 

"For each of your projects, SMPI Embelissement will provide you
with the waste tracking certificates following this system of recycling"