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Our services

SMPI Embellissement masters all the trades. Our internal professionals and carefully selected qualified partners will bring you total satisfaction. Reactivity, deadline, price and workmanship compliance have made the reputation of our company.

SMPI Embellissement names a single contact on your site from the conception to delivery. A Field worker, they will be able to answer all your questions.
SMPI Embellissement appoints a single point of contact on your site from design to completion. A field worker, he will be able to respond to all of your requests.

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Fire-resistant partitions, acoustic plasterboard or movable partitions, modular partitions, we carry out all your partitioning work according to your need and regulatory constraints. SMPI Embellissement works with all aluminium partition suppliers, and we can respond to any request to add or change partitions depending on what is already installed in your workplace to keep the existing style and arrangement.

We also propose services to work in occupied spaces, to allow you to continue your activity during ongoing work, keeping nuisance to a minimum, night shifts, week-end shifts, we adapt to your requests. We will accompany you in your partitioning choices for re-designs or leasing, and we can propose numerous esthetical and acoustic variants, such as:
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- Full size glass or solid partitions, end to end or on frame work
- Vegetalised partitions
- Window writing / opaque glass
- Acoustically reinforced partitions
- Acoustic barriers in the false ceiling or raised floor plenums
- Partition doors: solid, glass, sliding, flush…
We also have solutions for partition signage depending on your graphical design and your wishes, to reinforce the image of your company.

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Modular or plasterboard ceilings, acoustic islands, we construct all types of false ceilings according to your esthetical and technical need, such as:
- Acoustic insulation
- Acoustical improvement of working areas
- Heating economies
- Ease of maintenance, dirt resistance
- Fire safety / fire resistance
- Damp resistance

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We carry out all your floor covering needs.
- Technnical raised floors
- Soft carpet covering, and PVC in rolls or tiles
- Tiled flooring

- Parquet
- Interior and exterior floor painting
- Resin flooring

We implement any type of technical raised floors, on pedestals or low raisers. We accompany you in your technical choices of floor covering depending on your specific acoustical or maintenance needs taking into account the situation and use of the space.
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We work with all the industrial covering manufacturers and are regularly visited and informed about the latest products to be able to propose to you the latest technical and esthetical evolutions.

Finally, our employees are regularly trained by our suppliers on floor coverings depending on each of their specifics.

A presentation room with all the ranges of the largest manufacturers is permanently updated by the producers themselves and is at your disposition in our offices so we can assist you in making the best technical choices leaving you free to choose the esthetics.
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Wallpaper or paint covering, we carry out all types of finishing according to your wishes. We use odour-free low emission products (VOC) to guarantee healthy inside air.

For raised-height work, our team is regularly trained on scaffolding erection, and have a valid scaffolding certification according to French legislation, decree 01/09/04 – Recommendation R408 – R457.
- Repainting work
- Decorative painting
- Concrete style painting
- Wall covering such as wallpaper and mural frescoes
- Glass fabric, PVC wall coverings
- Wooden decorative panels
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SMPI Embellissement accompanies you in your bespoke carpentry work. We accompany and design for you, after acceptation of our offer, the design plans to allow you to appreciate your new arrangements according to your request, for validation before the build.
- Kitchen
- Cupboards
- Welcome desk
- Cloisters

- Wood cladding
- Tablets
- Toilet cabinet
- Etc ...

We also fit all types of new or replacement technical doors depending on their location. Solid door, fire door, security doors, install inspection windows all with stratified finishing or ready to paint.
We carry out the following lock and metal work:
- Any stainless steel bending work
- Stainless steel covering
- Metal staircase

- Metal firewall partitions
- Cloisters
- Smoking shelters

- Guard rails
- Pergola
- Etc
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We carry out all cleaning work, site setup and protection necessary for a site in good order.

Installation of the site base according to legislation and maintain it for the duration of work.

Careful installation of protections over conserved elements. Cleaning work and light demolition with special attention given the security of the team.

Removal of rubble to a specialised site after sorting and provide a waste tracking slip depending on the different types of waste to be processed.
Corps d’états techniques
SMPI Embellissement in collaboration with selected qualified professionals carries out all your low and high voltage electrical and all HVAC work.

We provide you with this service to provide a global offering with the same sense of service and the advantage of a unique contact that will centralise all your requests and follow up with each individual participant on site.